Prieto Landscaping offers fence construction and fence repair services. We have experienced contractors for any size fence repair or installation. Prieto Landscaping will also stain your existing fence to make your old wood look new again if staining is more cost-effective for you than installing new fence.

Staining your fence and deck is essential to keeping your outdoor living areas’ aesthetic appeal. We use an oil-based stain to give your fence an elegant appearance while protecting the wood. If you are looking to help the appearance of an old fence, we can help. We specialize in bleaching and restoring weathered fences.

  • Seals & Stains
  • Oil-Based Stain
  • Restore Weathered Wood
  • Prolong the Life of the Wood
  • Better Appearance to Home
  • Stop Mold and Mildew that Causes Wood to Gray & Warp

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